Talent and Placement Focus Group



One painful lesson of the last 1.5 years has been how important it is to have the “right” people in office. The standards and norms, agreed upon between the people and the state, have been utterly destroyed by government over reach. From dictator dewine, to local government over-reach, to the current administration in Washington, DC government across this nation has blatantly and utterly disregarded their limits.


It is imperative that We The People put public servants in office who will bring government back under control. The despotism show clearly over the last 1.5 years (and longer) must be clearly and directly repudiated.


In order to ensure this repudiation happens, we will identify candidates who have a Constitutionally limited view and support their campaigns. Unlike the regressive left, we will not burn down cities, terrorize citizens and businesses, and we will not seek to subjugate those with whom we disagree. We will not seek to set them as second-class citizens.


At the same time, we will not accept the same for ourselves and our families.


Instead, we will continue our efforts to raise all people to higher levels, regardless of race, sex, religion or other characteristics. We firmly and emphatically denounce the racist, sexist, hate-filled policies and direction of the regressive left.


We will find candidates who will ensure that the regressive left is not allowed to destroy this nation.