Leading the fight against governmental overreach in Ohio

What We're About

We are a group of patriots who love America and the State of Ohio. We are concerned by what is happening in our state and nation at the moment and we refuse to be silent anymore. For far too long, most of us went about our daily lives, working hard to provide value to society, and for our families. We believed that our representatives in Columbus and Washington DC were working to make sure we could raise our families in safety and that our children would see a better world than we inherreted.

Then 2020 happened. From political support of racist hate groups and terrorist organizations, to state representatives gone wild and stealing dictatorial power of all aspects of our lives. Then the election fiasco of 2020 where the election was deliberately stolen for Biden. 

We’ve had enough!

We are coming out of our homes and into the streets. Not to destroy cities and terrorize populations like our opponents spent all of 2020 doing. No, we will use our skills and power to regain control of the rogue elements of our public servants and replace them with others who respond to the will of those whom they represent.

We will bring God back into our national spotlight. We will repel the current efforts to install tyranny and socialism. We will ensure that, for another generation at least, freedom will ring for one and all in our nation!

We are always looking for those with the same agenda. If you would like to join with us, please attend one of our meetings. If you have a specific topic of interest, reach out to the leader of that focus group through our online mailing system. And if you have an organization working on similar topics, please reach out through our contact form and let’s discuss how we can synergize and do more together than either of us would separately.

May God bless you and may God bless the USA! 

Focus Areas

Free Speech

Free speech is one of the foundations of our society. That is why government regulation is prohibited in the first Amendment to the US Constitution.

Talent & Placement

We have seen in the past year that allowing those with regal ambition into positions where they can wield illegal power is a mistake.

Stop The Mandate

The massive government over reach and illegal medical tyranny and economic destruction wrought by government must be stopped.


Too many in the education field have decided it is their duty to indoctrinate children to hate their parents values and to hate their nation.

Clergy Outreach

Churches are a cornerstone of the United States. We must get them involved in saving this nation that God brought in to being.

Election Integrity

We saw the obvious election interference and the stolen elections in 2020. This must never ben allowed again or freedom in the the United States is doomed.