Free Speech Focus Group

In the United States’ Constitution, the very first amendment protects freedom of speech. This is because it is well understood that controlling the language controls the thoughts of the people. If they are unable to speak a concept, it will be much easier to get rid of an idea.


In today’s America, there is a direct, concerted assault on the people’s God-given (not man-given) right to free speech. At Friends of Liberty United, we believe this assault must be pushed back in order for our nation to thrive.


The irony of this assault by the regressive left, is that during the civil rights era, those pushing for civil rights understood the necessity of free speech.


The rallying cries of “Popular speech doesn’t need to be protected.” And, “It is the least popular speech that needs the greatest protection,” rang throughout the land.


In today’s world, repressive governments across the nation, academia, and many businesses have “speech codes.” In fact, on many college campuses, they have set up “free speech zones” where people are apparently allowed to have free speech…yes, these institutions blatantly state, and enforce through threat of sanction, that the Constitution does not apply on their campuses…is it any wonder that children who went to these schools don’t believe in Constitutional protections of free speech?


These codes may have started with good intention…to protect people from actual verbal violence. However, these codes have expanded to cover essentially anything the regressive left doesn’t like. Speaking in support of traditional family values is often considered hate speech. While criticizing Christians is applauded. Directly criticizing whites is cheered, and set into law, what speaking against others is prohibited.


Add to this, the stranglehold that regressive tech corporations hold over the new “public square”. Google (through Gmail), FB, IG and Twitter have banned hundreds or thousands of individuals, including the President of the United States, from using the public square to espouse ideas with which the regressive left disagree.


And since many businesses require use of social media to advertise, many additional platforms use FB or other platforms to create an account, Google authenticator is ubiquitous for access to financial accounts, it is a severe danger to a person’s business and financial life to speak in a manner these corporations don’t like.


These mega tech corps are beyond the protection of regular corporations. They are essentially monopolies. It is nearly impossible to exist without access to these social media platforms or Google. The disadvantage to not being able to use these is nearly insurmountable. They have become, essentially, utilities and should be regulated to ensure equal access to all without discrimination and without ability to violate Constitutional protections.


This can not stand. We MUST demand that governments, corporations, and schools follow the Constriction. At no point, are they given permission to suppress speech with which they disagree. Granted, the founders understood the bent of despots to silence any opposition so even directly wrote that speech “shall not be infringed.” The fact that so many these days are eager to illegally infringe, must be fought.