Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a hallmark of a free society. If speech is restricted, new ideas, better ideas can not come to the fore. If government sets the rules of speech, then government rules and citizens are subjects rather than the way this nation was designed and set up to ensure freedom for future generations. Let it never be said that we stood by as tyrants and the regressive left pushed their radical agenda to silence all opposition. The other major threat to freedom comes from the control of the mega tech companies. These companies currently control the "public square" and the vast majority of all commerce. Because of this nearly unlimited power, they must be brought under control to ensure a free society.

Stop the Mandates

In the last year, dictator dewine has shown his complete and utter contempt of law and limited government. He has locked an entire civilian population down without cause or recourse. He has destroyed lives, families, and businesses with impunity. And now he is using tax payer money to bribe people to get an experimental pharmaceutical product, against all medical and research ethics. Our group will partner with others around the state to stop the current tyranny and ensure this never happens again.


The next generation is given values and morals through the educational system. The current educational system is focused not on reading, writing, and 'rythmatic. Instead they are focused on indoctrinating susceptible children, given to their care under threat of force from government agents, against the values of their parents. We are in a situation where the government is indoctrinating the next voting generation with the ideas government wants. We pretend to live in a society with the illusion that The People tell government what to do while in practice, the government forces ideas on impressionable children so that the government tells The People what to do.

Talent and Placement

It is imperative to find and support politicians who share our values. The include Constitutionally limited government, protection of our God-given rights. We will seek out the best candidates to do their God-given duty of protecting the rights of the people. This is the only duty of a public servant. Sworn in an oath before God and man. Any politician who violates this God-given oath must be replaced by another who will not be an oath-breaker.

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Election Integrity

The United Statates is a republic that operates as a representative democracy. This means that The People, the highest power in the land, express their will on their public servants through elections. If these elections are not free and fair, tyranny reigns. We saw in the 2020 election cycle unambiguous election fraud. We will work with others across the state of Ohio to ensure that future elections are free and fair and that all public servants who do not support this, or who benefited from the obvious fraud, are removed from office.