Election Integrity Focus Group

During the 2020 election cycle in the United States, the unthinkable happened. Massive, blatant, unambiguous election fraud across the nation.


There are some who contend that the elections were free and fair. They do not, however, support investigation of the election. If they truly believed that there was no fraud, why would they be so scared of a complete investigation? Why would they not be LEADING the charge for an investigation to lay fears to rest?


The logical conclusion is they, at least, fear that there was election fraud and don’t want to lose their power.


Throughout President Trump’s term, there were years of investigations of claimed election fraud. Tens of  millions of dollars were spent, tens of thousands of hours, and no fraud was found against the president.


The same people who pushed that now say that investigating election fraud is not worthwhile…


Sure, the supports of President Trump weren’t excited about the investigation, but it happened. Supporters got more and more unhappy as the partisan witch hunt progressed. But NOTHING WAS FOUND!


In order to ensure any confidence in future elections (if that is possible now), we must do everything possible to ensure election integrity.


Our group will push local and state officials to ensure they put in place the requisite measures to ensure that future elections are free and fair. That every legal vote is counted and only legal votes are counted.